Juggle Your Heart Out in Soho

jugglingWhether you love to juggle or just want a great location for entertainment in Soho for a day, the Dube Juggling Equipment Store is the place to be. On the third-floor in Soho and owned by Brian Dube, this company has been around since 1975.  Mr. Dube dropped out of NYU years ago and stumbled into the business when he became a juggling addict. As he said, “I was eating, drinking, thinking juggling every minute of my life.”

He’s actually the son of a Maine lumberjack who started building juggling clubs for himself when he heard that it would take six months to have them custom made. At his first juggling convention in Delaware, he sold out of his wares instantly, and a business was born.

Now, he employs nine people in the 5000 square foot loft that he’s been using since 1991. Only 10% of the space is used for sales and walk-in customers, while the other 90% is for manufacturing, storage and office space.

His equipment has been used around the world by professionals by: Cirque du Soleil, Penn and Teller, David Blaine, Ringling Brothers Circus, The Big Apple Circus, Philippe Petit, Viktor Kee and many others.

It’s certainly worth a peak if you happen to be in the area! Or, you can buy from them online.

G-SHOCK Opens in Soho

gshockIf you live in the New York area, now is your time to get your hands on the G-SHOCK watch. They are opening their very first store in the United States – and it’s situated in none other than Soho, on West Broadway. Casio’s G-SHOCK storefront is a side to behold.

The store pays tribute to the 30 year history of Casio, showing a timeline of timepieces that have been released over those many decades. The space includes two levels where one floor will be devoted to the retail space and the second will be a showroom for current collaborations. The walls in the entire space include beautiful work by graphic artist Eric Haze.

Casino already has over 300 stores around the world. This flagship store in the US was a global initiative – and Soho is honored to house this cutting-edge shop. The store opened on November 28th with a small cocktail reception and is open to the public since then!