Combina Opens in SoHo

If you love Israeli and Spanish cuisine, then you’ll love the new Combina opening in SoHo. Chef Einat Admony just opened on November 17th and the restaurant is influenced both by her native Israeli cuisine and her love of Spanish food. As she said, “I really like the way they eat in Barcelona. It’s very simple and casual and fun. It’s not too serious.” She explains that, with the exception of pork, the two cuisines have many similarities. These include that: “Saffron, really good olive oil, many of these ingredients I grew up eating in Israel.”

The space is at 330 W. Broadway and the space looks very artsy. With no storage area, the dry ingredients are all stored on artful wall shelves around the restaurant. There is a colorful mural as well that was designed by Haifa-based psych-pop group Broken Fingaz.