Get Swept Away by Lee Broom

For those of you in the SoHo area, you’re in luck. And that’s because British designer Lee Broom is opening his first dedicated US retail outlet to show off his furniture and lighting. It is named Broom off Broome and is a 186 square meter temporary store that will be welcoming visitors soon. As Broom said,

“We are delighted to be unveiling our first store in America and in one of my favourite places, New York.”

The shop will include over 50 of Broom’s designs for furniture, housewares and lighting. As Broom said, the interior will include “re-imagined British Georgian architecture juxtaposed with a raw New York industrial aesthetic, creating a Postmodernist theatre.”

He continued, “With the new store I really wanted to create a space which equally focuses on the customer experience as well as the aesthetic experience, showcasing the brand and all of our products in an exciting and unexpected way.”

The store will open on May 12, 2016 during the NYC x Design festival and will stay open until June 10, 2016.