Pirch Arrives in SoHo

bathroom-1336165_960_720Whether you are renovating your home or just love looking at home redecorating showrooms, Pirch has arrived in SoHo. And what an arrival. With its opening on May 21, Pirch allows all of us to dream about home renovations and to drool away an afternoon. As you arrive, they offer you a free coffee and the chance to browse, browse, browse.

You can try out the appliances on display and you can use the iPad they offer with the geolocation that will guide you as you shop so that you can price out products. There are two test kitchens here with chef-led cooking classes on weekends! During the week, chefs will also be demonstrating delicious things that you can do with the appliances they have on sale.

There are dozens of shower heads and steam showers that you can test out. Wow.

Kickboxer Revival Ready for Action

If you loved Jean-Claude Van Damm in his original roles, then you’ll love this remake. Stuntman and martial artist Alain Moussi has starred in the remake of Van Damm’s 1989 cult classic, Kickboxer.

The original film in 1989 was directed by Mark DiSalle and starred Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dennis Alexio.

Stuntman and martial artist Alain Moussi have starred in the remake of the 1989 cult classic, which starred Jean-Claude Van Damm and kickboxing champion Dennis Alexio. The new version, with executive producers O’Shea, Jeff Bowler and Nat McCormick, was directed by Stephen Fung. Alain Moussi, as the new lead, brought his star qualities to the screen. As Producer Ted Field of Radar Pictures explained, “Alain is a star and will be an amazing leading man. Like Vin [Diesel] in Riddick, Alain will make this movie very special, and this Kickboxer will be the start of an amazing franchise.”

Kickboxer tells the story of David and Kurt Sloan, who come from a fighting dynasty. David is lured to Hong Kong to fight but dies there and his brother arrives to seek revenge. As O’Shea said, “We have a visionary director, a strong Hollywood producer, great cast and an action-packed script based on a well-known property. What more can you ask for?”

Your One-Stop Cheese Shop

If you love French cheeses or you just love the idea of something new, then set your sights on the French Cheese Board. They are coming to 41 Spring Street and bringing their cheeses along with them. Unlike the regular cheese shop, however, this space is going to feature cheese eating accessories, a cheese art gallery, a kitchen and even an educational space. And of course you’ll be privy to cheese samples and cheeses that you can purchase and devour.

They plan to have more than 1200 types of French cheeses. Only a few more days – they open on May 19.