A Kale Eating Contest

kale-233127_960_720This isn’t happening in SoHo, but it’s happening in New York and it’s too good to pass up.

While Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest is hard to rival – the Taste of Buffalo contest is attempting to come as a close second. But don’t expect to down a bunch of hot dogs here. This is a kale contest, through and through. The Kale Yeah! is being advertised as “the world’s healthiest eating championship” and the contest will take place on July 9th. Competitors need to get their green palette ready and will have eight minutes to eat as much kale as they can on the steps of Buffalo City Hall. The winner will actually take home $2000!

Here is what one of the advertisements for the event said (we kid you not): “For the first time in human history, the world’s greatest eaters will test themselves against the ALMIGHTY KALE—the leafy green vegetable that has captured the hearts and minds of both the culinary set and those for whom their body is a temple.This battle of man vs woman vs kale promises to be the healthiest eating contest in the history of the world. All eyes will be on Buffalo, NY, this coming July 9th to see how Major League Eaters tackle this new and unique food type for the first time in sanctioned competition.”