Pinch Chinese Comes to SoHo

Run, don’t walk, to the Pinch Chinese that is just opening at 177 Prince St., near. Thompson St. The chain founded in Taiwan has a great reputation and has helped to open shops from Indonesia to Los Angeles. Now, first-time restaurateur Sean Tang has grabbed veteran chef Charlie Chen for the new site. There will be seven other chefs from China as well including a sous-chef in charge of wok dishes who has already run two Din Tai Fungs in Chengdu.

Of course, the restaurant’s focus will be on soup dumplings with three versions at the ready. They include the classic pork, the chicken and the seafood variations. On the menu will also be dan dan noodles, cumin ribs Cantonese-style cod, wind-sand chicken and more.

The general manager will be Miguel De Leon who has been at Chez Panisee, Per Se; the Momofuku group; Casa Mono and others. There are cocktails to enjoy as well and the space takes its inspiration from China’s outdoor dining culture.

Composting for a Better World

Sometimes, saving the environment feels like too much work. But it doesn’t have to be. There are many very simple ways that you can help to reduce the waste that is filling landfills like the West Lake landfill around the country.

Believe it or not, one great idea is composting. Take your plant and kitchen waste and turn it into amazing food for your garden or animals. When you peel a cucumber or a banana, when you crack an egg or when you have leftover food, put it together in a composting area. You’ll really be reducing what goes into the landfills and you’ll be helping your garden or animals to grow!

This may sound funny, but buying rechargeable batteries really can make a difference. You’ll be keeping all of those disposable batteries out of landfills and you’ll keep the chemicals in the batteries from leaking and causing problems. Rechargeable batteries make a huge difference.