Calligaris NYC Opens with Husband-Wife Team

Niki and Shaokao Cheng are the husband and wife owners of BoConcept New York. As of March 1, they opened their first Calligaris Brand Store in New York City. This is the first time they are moving into the furniture brand outside of BoConcept. As Niki said,

“We chose Calligaris for its award winning Italian modern design and great price points; and it wonderfully complements the offerings at our other stores.”

Their 4000 square foot store will carry many of the time-honored designs from Calligaris’ 90-year history, to their newest looks. As Niki Cheng said, “Its design is chic, modern, flexible and functional. The furniture works like Lego. Sofas can be combined with different seats, covers, and legs while chairs, tables and beds can be assembled in countless ways to add uniqueness to any design. They are all available in a range of beautiful finishes, styles and materials. Customers can create a customized high-end look and feel to their home at a price they will love.”

Check out Calligaris NYC at 55 Thompson Street.