Business Advice in the New York Community

If you’re in the business community, it’s always helpful to get advice from others in the same boat. Bruce Shalett of BS Freeman Capital LLC offers business advice on the blog on his website.

Introducing himself and his mission on the blog, Bruce Shalett writes, “My path has been very atypical – – not what one would generally expect from someone with my background; Wharton undergrad and Harvard Business School. I’ve met so many interesting characters along the way, and found myself in so many unusual situations, that I feel uniquely qualified to offer my spin on the “things they never taught you in business school” treatise.”

He then offers advice about business interactions. As he writes, “The most important lesson I’ve learned about business and investing is that its ALL about the people. Whether as a partner, an employee, or a co-investor, the most critical factor for success is the quality of the people involved. What does “quality” really mean? This most certainly doesn’t refer to a person’s educational pedigree; candidly I’ve dealt with many people with impressive credentials that I wouldn’t trust to take care of my neighbor’s dog (and most certainly not my dog, Toby). For me its really about integrity and honesty, a shared sense of commitment, a focused and unwavering work ethic, and an adaptability to change on the fly. Give me a team of people with these characteristics, and I’ll go to war knowing that I’m coming home a winner.”