Capsouto Freres : A Souffle Sanctuary

If you haven’t been to Capsouto Freres yet in TriBeCa – it’s time to get there. This French bistro that has been dubbed the “souffle sanctuary” of New York City offers amazing made-to-order soufflés.

The restaurant was founded in 1980 by three brothers including Jacques Capsouto. He won’t give away much of his secret recipe, but Capsouto will reveal that he starts his soufflés with crème patisserie, not with the bachamel sauce that many use.

The menu is filled with so many soufflés that you’ll never be bored on a return trip. There are five savory and four sweet soufflés that are hand delivered to your table by Jacques. He actually pours the hazelnut cream sauce into the middle of the crust right at the table, and tops it off with whipped cream for the drooling customers.

Capsouto Freres is well worth the experience. It’s located at 451 Washington Street between Watts and Desbrosses Street in Manhattan.