Chaucer Remake at the SoHo Playhouse

If you enjoy one piece of entertainment this holiday season, make it “The Canterbury Tales Remixed” at the SoHo Playhouse, 15 Van Dam Street, South Village. This is an experience not to be missed. Baba Brinkman has managed to unlock the highly intimidating original version of “The Canterbury Tales” for his “The Canterbury Tales Remixed.”

The show includes original hip-hop songs and draws analogies between pop anthems and celebrities. A Canadian scholar of medieval literature, Mr. Brinkman sees clear parallels between the ancient text and modern day. He retells three of Chaucer’s tales (Pardoner, Merchant and Wife of Bath) and throws in some legends of Gilgamesh and Beowulf for good measure.

He wants to peak his audience’s curiosity. And he does so with a creative flair, using hip-hop to unlock Chaucer. Directed by Darren Lee Cole, the 85 minute show welcomes tourists, purists, Chaucer-lovers, hip-hop fans and everyone in between to come and enjoy something different this holiday until January 8th.

Picture by Ben Hider.