Checking Out the 5C Cultural Center

Some staples of the New York scene are so important that they simply must be visited. The 5C Cultural Center is one such place.  Founded in 1989 by three Lower East Side social activists and incorporated in 1996 as a non-profit, 5CCC sees its mission as one of providing innovative educational programming, activism and performing arts opportunities.

In its 14 year history, 5CCC has had over 1600 performing arts events that include drama, spoke word theater and music.  They have a Café that serves vegetarian meals at affordable prices. Furthermore, they have arts education programs for children with autism. These are individualized instructions that are offered on Saturday and Sunday mornings and are done by appointment only.

They are a staple of the area, managing to incorporate amazing musical talents with their tutoring services and neighborhood programs.  At the moment, they have a jazz appreciation series that draws on 10,000 out of print LP records, film footage and personal experiences of those involved.  It helps viewers to appreciate the history of jazz and to get a sense of its importance as part of America’s cultural and musical foundation..