Eyes on New Chris Burch SoHo Store

If you’re in the market for high end clothing and other luxury items, pay attention to the new SoHo enterprise opening this week by Chris Burch. A venture capitalist, entrepreneur and ex-husband of designer Tory Burch, Burch is now unveiling the new store, C. Wonder.

The “C” stands for “charming, chic and cheerful” and the store intends to offer customers casual women’s clothing and bright, moderately prices home-décor products.  As Burch explained, “we have color, we have fun, we have incredible technology but we are actually offering extraordinary pricing.”

Burch has a tough road ahead, as consumer confidence has slumped this month to its lowest level since the recession began.  New home sales have continued to decline, making the home-décor product line difficult to sell.  Burch, however says that, “No matter what happens in the economy, the consumer is hungry to buy something that’s exciting.”

His SoHo store was actually constructed near Shanghai. He tested it there and then had the store disassembled and shipped to New York.  The store includes fitting rooms that have small touch screens so that customers can change the music and lighting as they try on clothes.  All of the sales people will have Apple Inc iPod Touches at their disposal to give customers information about the clothing they are trying on.

Assuming all goes well in SoHo, three more C. Wonder stores are set to open this year in Westchester, Garden State Plaza and Roosevelt Field malls.