Rabbi Tully Bryks, Doctors, Lawyers & Others Offer Advice

Today in the New York area, you can get almost any question that you have answered from your armchair. In the age of social media and web access, this can be very helpful to the New Yorker who wants answers on the spot and isn’t sure where to get them. It’s also a great way to get answers to questions that you might feel funny asking in person or that you might not know how to broach otherwise. Here are a few sites where you can get interesting questions answers.

Ask the Doctor: This completely free site allows you to ask your most difficult medical questions. They even have doctors there with whom you can interact and ask questions. This site allows you to get answers to your medical questions. Of course, it is still important to see your doctor, but it’s a place to get help when you need it and to get your general questions answered.

The Rabbi with Answers: At this site, Rabbi Tully Bryks answers questions that people bring to him related to Judaism. This forum allows curious people and those who are soul searching to get answers to their most pressing questions. Rabbi Tully Bryks brings years of experience in a Jewish leader and Rabbi and he approaches the questions with thought and consideration.

Law Dingo – Here, you can talk to a lawyer and get advice about a legal situation that you may be facing. Find out more information about your rights and see what the lawyers recommend you do next.