Grab a Nap with The Dreamery

So this is an interesting way to waste your money. The mattress start-up Casper has just opened The Dreamery, a place where you can…well…take a nap.

You arrive to The Dreamery through a tunnel, check-in and then change into your pajamas before getting ready for your nap. Casper is calling this a wellness experiment. They plan to use the space to host community events and classes as well. As Neil Parikh, Casper co-founder and COO said, “We’re trying to figure out how to encourage this kind of behavior throughout society to get people to take a second and recharge.”

Your nap will cost $25 and can last up to 45 minutes. To enjoy your nap, come to 196 Mercer Street from Monday through Saturday from 11-8pm and on Sunday from 11-6.