Lower Manhattan Getting Back on Track!

So many people and businesses have suffered terribly because of the coronavirus pandemic.  The leisure, hospitality and entertainment sector in particular have really had a rough run.  But now it seems that people are slowly returning to the office and thus need their daily lunches and morning coffees. 

Indeed, lots more money has been changing hands at New York Pret A. Manger Ltd. Stores, indicating that Wall Street, Tribeca and surrounding area offices are being filled once again.  According to Bloomberg’s Pret Index, “Sales are almost halfway back to where they were before Covid-19 struck.”

This has likely been helped by the requirement of Bank of America and Citigroup to their employees to return to work after Labor Day. In addition, criticism has been lauded on staff members at JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs who are still working at home since it disrupts and weakens company cultures.

And given that Google just announced it is to be buying a Manhattan office on the Hudson waterfront for $2.1bn, this is definitely further indication that people are going back to work from the office.