Michal Negrin Comes to SoHo

negrinIf you love whimsical jewelry, you can soon go to SoHo to check it out. That’s because Michal Negrin is opening a boutique location in the SoHo area as of August 15th, along with about two dozen US boutique locations in the next few years.

A native of Kibbutz Na’an in Israel, Michal was always encouraged by her mom to “create her own world.” She “always wanted to think differently,” as she told JNS.org.

In 1988, she launched her first official jewelry collection and her first retail store on Shenkin Street in Tel Aviv. The designs for her first jewelry were taken from her Russian grandmother’s jewelry collection.

Interestingly, the Israeli jewelry industry has moved from the male-dominated world to one focused on women. As Negrin said, “I consider it very good that women have taken the lead in the industry and can express their creativity. Everyone can follow her own design. Israeli women are creating a new language of beauty.”

Negrin’s company includes 60 stores in two dozen countries around the world. You can get your Michal Negrin products in Japan, Israel, Italy, Russia, France, the US and beyond. And now soon in SoHo.

Noam Hanuka, Michal Negrin’s CEO said, “The Israeli shops [in SoHo] are kind of a symbol of Israeli-Jewish entrepreneurs doing business in the city. We are trying to bring the same giving Israeli spirit to the United States. Everything is done according to the ideas of thebrand: open-mindedness, love, tolerance, and respect for other cultures. They say that there is no household in Israel without some piece of Negrin jewelry or some household items—a menorah, earrings, linens—something.”