New York Gets Back to Business After Hurricane Sandy

Certainly, we’ve all been hit by Hurricane Sandy. Now, as areas of New York rebuild, we can be grateful for locations that weren’t hit by the storm, and by those that have been able to slowly get back to business.

New York is not a city that will remain still for long, and people have felt a renewed sense of spirit as hotels remain open, restaurants sweep up the mess, and Broadway shows resume.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel, for instance, owned by Triumph Hotels with Shimmie Horn, welcomes all of those looking for a warm, inviting location to relax. With 130 guess rooms, it’s a quaint, peaceful place to enjoy. Part of Shimmie Horn’s collection of elegant hotels, this is one that’s a bit off the beaten path and great for seeing many sites. As their website reports, “We are happy to report that the power has been restored in Lower Manhattan and that we are fully operational once again. Our heat and hot water have also been restored.”

Broadway shows are back in business as well. Right after the storm, as Patrick Page of the play “Cyrano De Bergerac” headed to the theater for a matinee, he said, “Broadway is as important an icon of New York City as the subways, so to get back to work is a sign that we can bounce back. This has been such a tough time for so many and it’s vital that we show the lights are on and there’s great work being done onstage.”