Calligaris NYC Opens with Husband-Wife Team

Niki and Shaokao Cheng are the husband and wife owners of BoConcept New York. As of March 1, they opened their first Calligaris Brand Store in New York City. This is the first time they are moving into the furniture brand outside of BoConcept. As Niki said,

“We chose Calligaris for its award winning Italian modern design and great price points; and it wonderfully complements the offerings at our other stores.”

Their 4000 square foot store will carry many of the time-honored designs from Calligaris’ 90-year history, to their newest looks. As Niki Cheng said, “Its design is chic, modern, flexible and functional. The furniture works like Lego. Sofas can be combined with different seats, covers, and legs while chairs, tables and beds can be assembled in countless ways to add uniqueness to any design. They are all available in a range of beautiful finishes, styles and materials. Customers can create a customized high-end look and feel to their home at a price they will love.”

Check out Calligaris NYC at 55 Thompson Street.

Pinch Chinese Comes to SoHo

Run, don’t walk, to the Pinch Chinese that is just opening at 177 Prince St., near. Thompson St. The chain founded in Taiwan has a great reputation and has helped to open shops from Indonesia to Los Angeles. Now, first-time restaurateur Sean Tang has grabbed veteran chef Charlie Chen for the new site. There will be seven other chefs from China as well including a sous-chef in charge of wok dishes who has already run two Din Tai Fungs in Chengdu.

Of course, the restaurant’s focus will be on soup dumplings with three versions at the ready. They include the classic pork, the chicken and the seafood variations. On the menu will also be dan dan noodles, cumin ribs Cantonese-style cod, wind-sand chicken and more.

The general manager will be Miguel De Leon who has been at Chez Panisee, Per Se; the Momofuku group; Casa Mono and others. There are cocktails to enjoy as well and the space takes its inspiration from China’s outdoor dining culture.

Composting for a Better World

Sometimes, saving the environment feels like too much work. But it doesn’t have to be. There are many very simple ways that you can help to reduce the waste that is filling landfills like the West Lake landfill around the country.

Believe it or not, one great idea is composting. Take your plant and kitchen waste and turn it into amazing food for your garden or animals. When you peel a cucumber or a banana, when you crack an egg or when you have leftover food, put it together in a composting area. You’ll really be reducing what goes into the landfills and you’ll be helping your garden or animals to grow!

This may sound funny, but buying rechargeable batteries really can make a difference. You’ll be keeping all of those disposable batteries out of landfills and you’ll keep the chemicals in the batteries from leaking and causing problems. Rechargeable batteries make a huge difference.

Watch Out for Tanya Taylor’s Pop-Up Shop

New York-based designer Tanya Taylor will soon have a three-month pop-up shop in tandem with the Council of Fashion Designers of America and sponsored by Cadillac. Taylor is a designer worth watching and wearing.

Four years ago, she launched her own clothing line and her designs are anything but boring. As she said during a recent interview at Saks Fifth Avenue, “In different seasons I have to play with layering and texture and do colors in moment rather than in the summer where everything is fresh and colorful.”

When describing her collection, Taylor said there is a “laissez faire attitude in this collection, a lot of playful details that feel light hearted and energetic.”

Taylor has had a great customer in First Lady Michelle Obama who wore one of her fall ’16 dresses to the final White House holiday party last month. She was invited, as well, to the bash.

Interestingly, Taylor’s designs are inspired by her painting. For her most recent collection, she traveled to Capri and Cuba where she painted and was then inspired for her clothing line.


A Great Get-Away at Barton Hill Hotel

If you’re in the market for a vacation and a get-away from New York, it’s worth looking into the Barton Hill Hotel. Taken over in 2015 by Stabilis Capital in New York, the hotel is being operated by Scout Hotels with CEO Robin Kirk.

Scout Hotels is based in Nantucket, Massachusetts and operates six resorts on Cape Cod and Marth’s Vineyard. They also have one in Florida and one in New Hampshire.

The Barton Hill Hotel fits right into the portfolio of Scout Hotels, located on the Niagara River and boasting 70 rooms. As Kirk said, “Barton Hill is in an absolutely spectacular location. We like the structure very much indeed.”

For New Yorkers looking for a great get-away, the Barton Hill Hotel is a lovely location. A five minute walk from the Lewiston Museum and a 12 minute walk from the Artpark music venue, the hotel has beautifully decorated rooms with fireplaces, flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi.

Animal Haven’s SoHo Adoption Center

SoHo isn’t just about great clothes, food and spas (although all of these things are wonderful). It’s also about helping others – and this even includes our canine friends. If you didn’t know it was there – you might miss the Animal Haven’s SoHo adoption center which is located on 200 Centre Street which offers a way for homeless animals to be matched with loving families. They are open seven days a week and have a selection of dogs and cats up for adoption. They also house a pet resource center so you can find information about dog training, grooming and more.

They have funding from the Mayor’s Alliance through the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Check them out. But be forewarned…you might just walk out with a new furry friend.

L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates Moves to SoHo

chocolate-1711513_960_720If you love chocolates, you’ll love knowing that the Flatiron chocolatier L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates has come to SoHo. They opened their new store on Prince Street. The L.A. Brudick products are made in New Hampshire using European methods and all-natural ingredients. As Michael Klug, the company’s chocolatier who took over in 2002, said “The chocolate should always be the focus, the different flavor variations should strike a harmonic balance with the chocolate as well as add complexity to the flavor.”

Klug mentioned that he’s excited that the company is based in the “inspiring and creative artistic neighborhood” of SoHo.

So now for the best chocolates – you can enjoy SoHo and its flavorful atmosphere.



New Niketown in SoHo Creating an Uproar

Nike is certainly excited about the new Niketown that has just opened in SoHo…but many of its neighbors are less than enthusiastic. The six-story and 55,000 square foot store is located on the corner of Broadway and Spring Street. The store opened on November 18th and residents have been posting pictures and videos to social media to show their exasperation.

Councilwoman Margaret Chin’s spokesperson, Paul Leondord said, “When you have a store that’s so out of scale for the neighborhood, it really has an effect. [Niketown] has four floors. It has a half basketball court. There’s a lack of acknowledgement that this is New York City. In this iconic neighborhood, it’s out of place.”

Neighbors complained that the grand opening was a mess and one resident called it “One of the most disruptive events of this type I’ve ever seen.”

Neighbors are concerned about the planned “Swoosh Saturdays” and other events.

Simone Rocha’s Clothes Come to SoHo

If you love Simone Rocha‘s clothing from European, then you’re about to be in for a treat. She is opening a 2400 square foot store at 71 Wooster Street, her first to be in the United States. Her brand features women’s clothes and the American store in SoHo will be a ground-floor space in a six-story building between Spring and Broome Streets in SoHo.

The British Fashion Council just announced that Rocha is one of the five finalists for the 2016 British Womenswear Designer award.

As RKF’s Beth Rosen said in a prepared statement, “We are confident that Simone Rocha will resonate strongly with Soho shoppers and residents. With the continued strength of Soho and the establishment of Wooster Street as the new destination for luxury fashion brands, there is no question that Simone Rocha will succeed with its first move into the U.S.”

Pop-Up Breakfast Cereal Shop

cereal-1444495_960_720Wouldn’t it be fun not to think about your breakfast needs? And to just pop into a pop-up shop for your breakfast needs? The KITH x Cap’N Crunch SoHo pop-up is located at 543 Broadway. The menu may not be the healthiest ever – but it certainly might be the most fun. The menu will include nothing but ice cream and cereal. Cereal choices will include Cocoa Donut Crunch (Cap’N Kith, sprinkled donut, chocolate cake crunch, whole milk) and Jack-O’-Lantern (Halloween Crunch, Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch, Reese’s Pieces, whole milk) and milkshakes.

Enjoy the pop-up shop before it disappears! It will be there from October 8th until the 31st.