Lower Manhattan Parking

Parking has always been a stress in the Lower Manhattan regions. but now it looks like it is going to take an additional twist…for the worse!  Close to 70 parking spots are being eliminated by the Economic Development Corporation on the waterfront in an effort to fix the Peck to Catherine slips esplanade under Brooklyn Bridge. Despite the inconvenience, local residents are generally welcoming of this project because of what it might result in.  With $15m from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation monies and $6m from the Gale Brewer (local borough President) and Margaret Chin (council member) could result in the building of an access to a beach area too.

The Buzz in Chinatown

Chinatown is one of New York City’s most charismatic neighborhoods.  It is rich in not only culture but history and simultaneously offers a substantial insight into modern day living for its inhabitants.  According to Museum of Chinese in America president Nancy Yao Maasbach:

“The density of Chinese people and Chinese-Americans living in the United States is the highest in New York City. [The museum educates its locals and visitors alike to the region’s 1870s Chinese-US heritage as well.] We’ve found that while the neighborhood is not geographically expanding, third and fourth generations of Chinese-Americans are moving back to make this their home. They are entrepreneurial in a way that deepens the culture of Chinatown. It’s here that you see the old and also the new. There’s tradition, with an incredible fusion. And I think there’s never been a more exciting time for this neighborhood in New York City.”

As such it is perhaps not surprising that the area is subject to change and evolution of sorts.  Currently there is a potential art piece that is causing controversy. Gateways of Chinatown has been in charge of the project in conjunction with Chinatown Partnership and the Van Alen Institute. The aim of the sculpture to be placed at a traffic triangle was to “engender pride of place, foster connectivity, and reinforce cultural and social identity within Manhattan’s Chinatown.”

Lindy Lee, a Chinese-Australian artist was selected out of 80 submissions.  She worked with Levenbetts architecture firm and Urban Art Projects to create the design and installation of the artwork.

Brooklyn Bridge: Before and After Renovations

Renovations are being undertaken on the Brooklyn Bridge later this year.  Thousands of dollars have been earmarked for Navillus and MLJ construction companies to work on the two towers, replace walls and facades and generally improve the entire area.  Over the last century-and-a-quarter the Bridge has – naturally – experienced substantial wear and tear.  There is also much graffiti.

Photographer Mozes Victor Konig, Tel Aviv native said the following:

“Even though of course I know that this work is important, somehow I feel that it will be a shame to bid farewell to the graffiti.  As such, I plan on doing a before and after shot of the area.”

Local photographer Michelle Kamuchi echoed Konig’s words:

“Who can not smile when they see ‘LOVE, LOVE, LOVE’ emblazoned on the middle of the bridge. Is the plan to remove thatas well?” she asked.

On the flip side, a few years ago, an observation was made about the

“large swaths of the promenade covered in graffiti…. A picture drawn on a steel beam shows a man’s private parts. In another section of the beam, a visitor crudely boasts of having urinated on the span.”

It seems there is definitely room for improvement.  But still, we like Mozes Victor Konig’s idea about the before and after shots.  Watch this space!

The Revival of Murray Hill?

One of the neighborhoods Below 14th Street that often does not warrant much attention – apart from its easily forgettable nature – is Murray Hill. But Japanese-born chef Takafumi Hayashi might be able to revolutionize that perception or at least alter it on some level.

Hayashi is the chef at Tenho Ramen that opened its doors earlier this summer in Murray Hill.  at first glance, it doesn’t seem any different to many of the other local ramen-serving eateries but delving a bit deeper one finds quite the interesting tale…

For a start, Hayashi is the real deal.  not only is he Japanese but he hails from Kurume which is where the porkbone broth noodles Tonkotsu Ramen first originated in 1937 where the yobimodoshi method is used (the soup pot is never emptied, hence a much richer flavor is developed).

Locals: check out this spot.  Others: check out this spot too!

Herald Square Happenings

Deep into the summer what can New Yorkers (or tourists) expect from the various neighborhoods?  Here, we take a look at some of the latest goings on in Herald Square.

What better way to cool off than with a funky milkshake at CrazyShake Bar?  Black Tap just opened one of its famous restaurants right in Herald Square, treating customers to a visual as well as a delectable experience. Watch your very own milkshakes being created in a manner that brings exciting ingredients to life.   This newest location marks Black Tap’s largest branch in New York and features a mural designed by local twin artists, How and Nosm.

Last week, Pokémon Go launched a program from 3-7pm, altering and “hacking” the region.  In an attempt to defeat Team Go Rocket Grunts through local PokeStops, trainers made their way to Herald Square to check out the coup (which could also be enjoyed above the Hudson River).  Later on in the week, Special Research Tasks were added to Pokémon Go, tasking players with catching and purifying Shadow Pokémon.

Below 14: Top Neighborhoods

Some of the neighborhoods below 14th street are often overlooked.  In this article we take a look at some of the recent events that have occurred in Maury County and the Financial District.

A decade ago, Daniel Hartsfield – originally from Columbia – opened Daniel’s Barber Shop on the Square.  Jason Whatley, an attorney from Columbia, was the very first customer to get a haircut in the Maury County shop.  Hartsfield was standing outside his store and Whatley asked if he could “cut his hair right now.”  He had already been looking for patrons for a few hours when Whatley showed up.  They’ve been neighbors ever since, with Whatley in an adjoining building, managing his law firm.

At the time, many people told him that it was great he had opened but they doubted he would make it. But he proved them wrong.  Not only is he still around; he’s thriving.  His barber store is a six-time ‘Best of Maury County’ award-winner, including this year, as voted by readers of ‘The Daily Herald.’

These days many young New Yorkers are choosing to make the Financial District their home. According to a recent PropertyClub report, millennials comprise 67 percent of area residents.   True, Brooklyn is home to 3 million millennials but per capita, the Financial District is booming with them.

Other neighborhoods featured on the top 10 list of housing choices for millennials include: Downtown Manhattan, the Garment District, Long Island City and Soho.

From NoHo to SoHo: Getting Out and About

In Manhattan, there have been a few developments in the cultural/ entertainment sphere.  Here – just for fun – we check out one in NoHo and then on to SoHo!

‘By Name’ is a new café and art hub located at 324 Bowery, NoHo. Offering quite different menu items including cheese foam, matcha mousse, a bento box, bubble tea and more, the eatery has already developed an extremely positive reputation, garnering 4.5 Yelp star rating. 

The café’s opening times are: Sunday-Thursday 10.30am-9.30pm and Friday/Saturday 10.30am-10.30pm.

Over in SoHo, Bumble – a mobile dating app – is opening up an all-day café and wine bar.  Food comes from the Charlie Bird team, with its “organic approach [and] curated menu,” and the café will be named Bumble Brew, featuring yellow decorations and hive branding (think bee) at 47 Prince Street, Mulberry Street.

New York High Line Park

In this video – put together by Touristo (a Turkish tourist) – we take a walk on the High Line Elevated Park.   We get to see one of New York’s more popular tourist destinations, learning a little of the history of Gotham, latest art to hit the area, the eateries and stalls at Chelsea Market and of the course the Hudson River Park.

Local Store Openings

There have been a few new store opening recently in the Manhattan region.  One of these is the increasingly popular CBD store.  A play on words (or letters really) Come Back Daily sells Cannabidiol in various forms. These include:  oral, topical, edible, drinks and vapes and can aid in a variety of conditions from pain, sleep, PMS and more.  Brands that are offered include: Moon Mother, Real Scientific Hemp Oil and others.

Come Back Daily already has a presence in Manhattan.  With two storefronts in the neighborhood, its current goal is to make this third one the “Sephora of CBD…bringing CBD-enthusiasts to a one-stop-shop, and encourage their customers to — as its moniker suggests — come back daily.”

It has now been confirmed that Trader Joe’s will be opening a new store in the East Village.  The exact address is 432-438 East 14th Street. 

And then there is the pop-up Fabletics store in SoHo, featuring a small boxing ring for customers to try out the activewear apparel before purchasing. They can select the items, put them in an e-commerce cart and then go into a store to try them on via the OmniShop system.