Gitano NYC – Worth the Visit!

So this is an interesting thought for the summer. Gitano NYC is creating a pop-up restaurant for the summer in SoHo. But it’s not just any pop-up. Garrett Magee, the co-founder at Manscapers New York told PIX11 News that “We had to go down to Florida ourselves, scout out 400 Palm trees. We picked the trees out ourselves.”

They brought in 400 large and small palm trees to create a tropical feel for the restaurant. While Gitano hasn’t yet opened, it should be open soon. But when the weather gets cold again, they’ll be closing up and heading back down to Miami until the following summer.



In the Dog House with Dog Haus?

Last week, we wrote about the opening of Dog Haus in SoHo. If this review is anything to go on, it hasn’t been the best opening week. As Scott Lynch reported: “THE VERDICT: Sorry Dog Haus. New York City already has a wide assortment of first-rate franks, and though we will always welcome newcomers of all sorts, you need to do more than just pile a bunch of stuff on top to win our hearts.”

In terms of the ambiance, he wrote “On evening two and three of their summer-long stint, however, I was one of maybe three or five guests here. And while the crew has thoroughly branded the corner space with stickers and signage and cheeky attitude, there’s no escaping the fact that the actual, physical room has the bland character of a corporate cafeteria. The rickety metal outdoor tables on Lafayette, while less comfortable than the cushioned seating inside, offer a much more interesting view.”

Oh dear. See the entire review to get a feel for his feelings. And either check it out for yourself, or find another place for awesome hotdogs.

Free Hotdogs: Today Only

If you love hotdogs, then it’s time to take notice…and quickly! Dog Haus is a California transplant who is giving away free hotdogs when his store launches today, June 12. His hotdog shop is arriving in New York as part of the pop-up at Chefs Club Counter. This is a rotating restaurant location at 62 Spring Street here in Soho. The free hotdogs will be available from 11am to 10pm today and only while supplies last (of course).

Grab your dogs while they last! Check out the menu below for all of the goodies they will be offering.

Beautiful Historic Landmark for Sale in SoHo

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that there really is some glorious history around us. We might not be able to afford all of it, but it’s there. Take the recent landmark townhouse at 57 Sullivan Street, between Spring and Broome. It actually dates back to 1816 and it’s on the market…for $7.75 million. It has city landmark status and has been described by the Landmarks Preservation Commission as “a fine example of the Federal style of architecture and a tangible reminder of the rich multi-cultural heritage of the South Village.”

You can take a peek here, even if you can’t afford the price tag and dream about living somewhere as glorious as this. Good to know there are lovely places like this in our neighborhood.

Arizona Iced Tea Pop-Up Shop

If you love Arizona Iced Tea then you probably loved this celebration. They celebrated their 25th birthday with a 99-cent pop-up shop in Soho last week. The 99 cent special took place from May 16 to 21 at 43 Crosby Street and there was themed merchandise. Even tattoo artists JonBoy and Rob Green were on hand with free ink in many designs that were customized just for the event.

Trader Joe’s Opening Soon! Gucci Has Arrived

Here is some exciting news. Trader Joe’s has arrived to Soho as of May 18 at 233 Spring Street.

In another piece of exciting news, Gucci has a new SoHo store. Interestingly, understanding that this generation does the vast majority of their shopping online, Gucci is working to combat this with their new store. As their chief executive Marco Bizzarri explained, he thinks that shoppers are bored by typical stores and boring websites. The new store at 62 Wooster Street is their attempt to spice things up. As he said, “The younger generation [isn’t] interested in the retail experience because the retail experience is not interesting.”

Going Vegan in the Village

Vegan cuisine is becoming more and more popular and it’s no surprise that SoHo is getting its own share of these locations. Here are two new spots that were recently covered in the news and that certainly sound worth trying. Check out the full review of these locations, and of a few more they suggested.

Mike & Dave’s is offering juice, smoothies and “nicecream” which is non-dairy soft serve ice cream. It’s at 120 Macdougal Street in the Village.

Sol Sips is at 203 Wilson Avenue that has the goal of making plant-based food more accessible to everyone.

We say YUM!


Sunnier Days are Coming Your Way

If you have some extra time on your hands, you might enjoy this slightly off beat entertainment. Sunnyhues Entertainment is putting on a pop-up experience which will include eight interactive showrooms that are supposed to encourage and inspire people with positive energy. It’s called the “Happy-Go-Lucky pop-up and will start on June 9.



This is part of a trend of immersive exhibits that have come to New York City. The Happy-Go-Lucky will be located at 43 Wooster St., and will be welcoming visitors every half-hour from 11-9 until July 8. Tickets can be purchased for $28 during the week and $34 on weekends. Check out more at:

Get Your Parachute Ready for Parachute Home

If you’ve loved shopping online for the irresistible linen brand Parachute Home, you can now touch and feel those linens. That’s because Parachute Home is opening its first store at 129 Grand Street in Soho. They signed a two year lease, so they’ll be around for awhile, with an option of another five if it goes well. They will have 1140 square feet of street-level space and another 900 in the basement.

Happy sleeping and cuddling with their awesome sheets!