Pop-Up Playgrounds Making a Difference in New York Schools

The creativity offered by some of the schools in the area is worth recognition. At the Charter School of Educational Excellence (CSEE) in Yonkers, started with the help of Victory Education Partners, they recently enjoyed a pop-up playground.

Pop-up playgrounds are play experiences that allow the students to use their creativity by using loose parts like cardboard boxes, tires, fabric and recyclables for play. They can be set up anywhere that the space provides and they encourage children to use their imagination, to show initiative, to collaborate and to employ problem-solving skills.

On October 12th, 2012, with the assistance of Sarah Lawrence College, CSEE was able to offer this unique experience to its kindergarten students. The Sarah Lawrence College sponsored the activity and offered its students to facilitate the event. The materials were all collected from donations from local families and businesses and allowed the students to use their hands and their minds for collaborative play.

Certainly, this was one example of the type of activity offered by the CSEE and Victory Education Partners and it shows how these schools are thinking outside of the box (while actually using the box itself!)