Soho Startup Keeping Us Safe

canary22w-2-webA startup in Soho is making waves. Canary is a new security gadget created by New York tech entrepreneur Adam Sager that has everyone talking. It’s slightly larger than a soda can and it recently won the most successful fundraising campaign for crowdfunding site Indegogo by raising $2 million.

As Sager told the Daily News, “Canary is the first smart home security device for everyone. It’s the easiest way to connect to your home and look after your pets and belongings.”

Canary has been created by the Soho-based tech startup called Canary and costs $199. It is already on the market and can be purchased for delivery in July 2014 from

Canary was originally funded by the tech venture capital firm Brooklyn Bridge Ventures. As Sager said about their product, “The momentum is very high. Every day we are getting purchases from all over the world.”

For Canary to work, all that you need is a Wi-Fi connection in your home and a smartphone in your hand. You don’t need to install sensors. With its built-in HD video camera and safety sensors that track motion, temperature, and air quality, it has everything you need to keep your home safe and monitored.

If Canary notices that something out of the ordinary is happening in your home, you’ll get a text message or push notification. You can also see live video or recorded events.