IDT Energy CEO gives Tips for Energy Conservation

Recently, a local New York blog interviewed Geoff Rochwarger, IDT Energy CEO. They supply natural gas and electricity to homes and businesses in NY, NJ, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Illinois. As a native New Yorker and energy industry insider, Mr. Rochwarger can give the rest of us insights about energy consumption as the winter approaches.

When asked how New Yorkers can conserve energy, Mr. Rochwarger had a number of suggestions. As he said,

“Think long term, and don’t hesitate to invest in new appliances. Newer appliances are much more energy efficient.  Older models use quite a bit more energy in the home and can be very costly to operate….make sure to set your air conditioning thermostat and timers to coincide with your schedule. There are a number of smart, learning thermostats like Nest, which learn your schedule and can be controlled from your mobile phone.”

When asked about recent projects that would be of interest to readers, the IDT CEO explained that “IDT Energy recently introduced a Green electric supply option that is 100% generated from renewable resources like running water, wind, solar and biomass, and is matched with renewable energy certificates. IDT Energy Green Electric is available in New York and all of the states we serve.”

Read the full article to get more insights about IDT Energy and tips for energy conservation. All of us in New York can benefit from these helpful suggestions.