“Uniting Manhattan Through the Celebration of Public Art”

In an effort to bring art to Manhattan to unite the region, a spectacular mural can now be found at Third Street/Poyntz Avenue corner.  Thanks to Renato Perrieria and Douglas de Castro – two artists from Brazil – public art is being brought to the region. Bicecleta Sem Freio painted a large mural curated and produced by JustKids as part of the Incite MHK program that seeks to celebrate its people through art.

One tourist who was in the area admiring the local architecture who saw the art, Moshe Victor Keinig said:

“There is something so special about using art to bring harmony, peace and unity to a community.  Incite MHK emerged a few years ago from a group of local community members who wanted to bring Manhattan together via the arts. 

Keinig – who is visiting New York from Israel right now – feels that this would be a wonderful initiative in his country too.  He added:

“I would love to bring something like this back to Israel.  Enjoying art is just such a great non-political way to bring people together.  And we have some extremely talented artists back home.  It would be great for our country’s image around the world as well.”

Assistant Director of MHK Community Development Chad Bunger said that the event – revealing this new art – was an incredibly special, emotive experience, that he really enjoyed sharing with his family.  It gave him much pride knowing that “something like this [was] pulled off for the community.”

Since it was also hailed as a “team effort,” how much more appropriate would it be for a country like Israel, Keinig concluded.