Zarsha Leo Comes to Soho

Soho has many great restaurants, but up until now they really haven’t been a hot spot for sports bars. Enter Zarsha Leo. Located right in the heart of the district, Zarsha Leo has already shown itself to be quite popular in downtown Manhattan. Now, they are venturing well below that comfort zone.

As CEO Evan Burschkopf explained, “We figured that Soho residents like sports just like residents in any other area, and we wanted to bring a bit of our flavor to the Soho experience. We are eager to see the locals coming out and enjoying what we have to offer.”

And offer they do. They includes 10 enormous, flat screen television sets blaring the latest sports news and activities. They have great food from their ribs and chicken wings to their sweet potato fries. And they even have a dart board and pin ball machine for enjoyment!

Vanessa Bruno’s Pop-Up Shop

Vanessa Bruno Pop-Up Store
Vanessa Bruno Pop-Up Store

Just as Fashion Week hit New York, Vanessa Bruno opened her pop-up shop at 131 Greene Street in Soho. In November, Bruno had already given the heads-up that she would be opening a pop-up shop as a first step towards having a permanent residents in New York. recently interviewed Bruno about her new venture. Asking her why she wants a location in New York when she already has one in LA, Bruno replied, “We’ve been open two years in LA and it’s been doing well. Of course, a lot of people have said, “You should open in New York,” but then I opened in London and different places in Europe and I didn’t have [a New York store] in my mind yet. Then I thought, “Lets do a pop-up store. New York has this energy of a lot of stuff going on, it like, needs to move, there’s great people, great music, let’s do something.”

When asked why she chose Soho, Bruno replied, “I didn’t think about it, to be honest. I decided to do this project two months ago. Everyone is asking me about my plans. I’m a free person in my company, I own my own company.”

In conclusion, she explained that,  “I wanted to do something spontaneous with good energy.”