Help for Alzheimers: Daniel Straus HealthBridge Options

alzhAlzheimer’s Disease is an irreversible and progressive brain disease that as many as 5.1 million Americans are coping with. While it is progressive and irreversible, many believe that with the proper memory care, patients can continue to stimulate their brains and to remain active for longer.

Finding the right Memory Care Program for an Alzheimer’s patient is a time consuming and difficult task, but not one that is impossible. HealthBridge Management, for instance, has a number of facilities in New Jersey, Virginia and other locations that offer this type of care for patients. As described on the CareVirginia website,  “Our Memory Care Teams are trained in techniques that enhance communication and care for people living with this diagnosis.  Activities and recreation programs are tailored for individuals with memory impairments and focus on each Resident’s abilities, not his or her disabilities.”

With Daniel Straus, HealthBridge CEO, the Memory Care Programs offer a safe and secure environment. They have full-time program directors, 24 hour a day skilled nurses, a specially trained staff and tailored recreation programs. These assisted living programs allow family members to rest assure that their loved one is being cared for and that their mental abilities are being exercised and examined at all times.

Certainly, for anyone with a loved one with Alzheimer’s, the centers of this sort, like the Daniel Straus, HealthBridge options, are one very good choice for patients and their families.

New Nail Salon: Tenoverten

tenovertenIf you’re looking for a place to be pampered in SoHo, nothing beats the new Tenoverten. This boutique salon already has two locations in Manhattan, and the SoHo location now creates a third. The store bills itself as a “beautiful apartment” rather than a salon, inviting customers to come and experience the feeling of a home away from home.  The store has raw wood floors, limestone slab tables, a minimalistic décor and lovely outdoor space in the warm weather.

They have manicures, pedicures, waxing and eye care and advertise that they do parties and home visits as well. Welcome to the neighborhood Tenoverten! They are located at 132 W. Houston Street for anyone getting ready to pop over.

Must-See Exhibitions: Met & Phoenix Ancient Art

New Yorkers will enjoy many feasts for the eyes and the hearts as the New Year unfolds. Here are a few of the must-see exhibitions.

1. Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Met currently has an exhibition entitled “Korea’s Golden Kingdom. Featured until February 23th, 2014, the exhibition features over 100 objects that were created between AD 400 and 800 which was Silla’s seminal period. As described on the Met page about the exhibit, “The exhibition is the first in the West to focus exclusively on the arts of Silla. Among the highlights are exquisite regalia discovered from the tombs of royalty and the elite; unique treasures made in places between China and the Mediterranean and preserved in Korea; and Buddhist icons and reliquaries reinterpreting pan-Asian styles with native aesthetics.”

2. Phoenix Ancient Art: Owned by Hicham Aboutaam and Ali Aboutaam, Phoenix Ancient Art is currently showcasing an exhibition entitled “Sacred Scents and Flames from the Ancient World.” It is showing at their New York gallery through February 12th, 2014. As Ali Aboutaam explained, “The exhibition gives a fascinating opportunity to see an important selection of ancient lamps and the incense burners and to explore how the ancient civilizations of Pre-Classical and Classical world designed their lighting devices. From the very beginning various religions worshipped the eternal, divine flame, and even the most powerful kings had to pay a tribute to a flame. Incense which is closely linked to fire and flame quickly became the important element in the liturgical ceremonies in various religions. An Islamic bronze censer shaped as a feline, which is dated to the 11th century A.D., is a masterpiece of the bronze cast technique; its surface is an openwork in the shape of floral motifs, which allowed the perfumed smoke to escape and spread.”

Enjoy the year ahead with these, and many other exhibitions.