Combina Opens in SoHo

If you love Israeli and Spanish cuisine, then you’ll love the new Combina opening in SoHo. Chef Einat Admony just opened on November 17th and the restaurant is influenced both by her native Israeli cuisine and her love of Spanish food. As she said, “I really like the way they eat in Barcelona. It’s very simple and casual and fun. It’s not too serious.” She explains that, with the exception of pork, the two cuisines have many similarities. These include that: “Saffron, really good olive oil, many of these ingredients I grew up eating in Israel.”

The space is at 330 W. Broadway and the space looks very artsy. With no storage area, the dry ingredients are all stored on artful wall shelves around the restaurant. There is a colorful mural as well that was designed by Haifa-based psych-pop group Broken Fingaz.



Tips for the Aging Baby Boomer Population in New York

As the baby boomer population ages, we will find more and more elderly people who need to be taken care of – and who will potentially end up needing rehabilitation facilities and medical assistance. Certainly, if a loved one of yours has a fall and needs to be in a rehab facility like Dry Harbor in Middle Village, New York you’ll want to know how to make their home safer upon their return.

It is very important to add safety to an older person’s home, hopefully before an accident can occur. But even after one has occurred, you’ll want to have these safety changes in mind. There are many ways to change the home, but let’s focus just on tips for the bathroom here:

  1. Grab bars: The bathroom is one of the main places where people tend to slip and fall. Install grab bars for easier access in and out of the shower or tub. The grab bars should be slip-resistant and color contrasted from the wall for better visibility.
  2. Shower chair: Put a chair in the shower to provide stability for an elderly person or a post-rehab person who has a difficult time with balance. The right shower chair needs rubber tips on the legs so that the person doesn’t slide.
  3. Non-slip mats: Make sure to have non-slip mats around the bathroom. These should be placed in front of the shower or tub. Place a non-slip rug in front of the toilet as well and one by the sink.

These are just a few of the suggestions for ensuring that anyone coming out of rehab from Dry Harbor, or aging and needing extra caution, could use as easy ideas in the bathroom.