WelleCo Comes to SoHo

Were you one of the lucky ones who caught a glimpse of Elle Macpherson recently? She was in SoHo getting ready for the international launch of her wellness business – and it’s starting right by us. She has paired up with Andrea Horwood to bring WelleCo to SoHo and around the US.

As Elle explained,

“Our customers were finding us. And 75 per cent of our US sales go into four cities – New York, LA, Miami and Houston. So we’re going where we’re seeing a need for direct contact with consumers.”

The SoHo store is supposed to open on September 21, and you just might get a glimpse of Elle if you’re around then.

A Bubbly and Fun Activity

Drink, Glass, Fruit, Food, Cup Containers, TeaHere’s a fun activity for hot and bored New Yorkers. Lab B is having a bubble tea-themed exhibit that will teach you about the trendy tapioca drink and then let you make your own. For $19, you’ll get a tour of the bubble tea laboratory, enjoy the bubble tea cup ball pit and then make your own tea. The event will take place from August 17-19 at 107 Grand Street in SoHo.

The exhibit is being done by a collective of Taiwanese artists, writers and designers. It should be a bubbly, fun experience!


Get to Know a Digital Marketing Company in the Neighborhood

If you haven’t heard of FuckJerry, then you might want to. Starting as an Instagram account with 13.7 million followers, they turned it into a full-service digital marketing company that now has 25 employees. As founder Elliot Tebele said, “People are always surprised when they hear FuckJerry has an office. They say, ‘I always thought FuckJerry was this kid in his basement.’”

They focus on social media content and strategy and they also have an adult party games brand called What Do You Meme? They also have a tequila brand called Jaja tequila.

Check out their gorgeous digs and get to know this neighbor!