Azerbaijani Jazz Musician Brings New Sound to SoHo

The Jazz Musicians (1954) David Park photo by  Ed Bierman
The Jazz Musicians (1954) David Park photo by Ed Bierman

Born in 1973 in Azerbaijan, Beyler Eyyubov became a fan of Jazz early on. He became enthralled with such stars as Salman Gambarov, Aziza Mustafa Zadeh, and has even shared the stage with Shahin Novrasli.

After moving to Brooklyn in 1997, Beyler Eyyubov settled in quickly and began playing around town in local clubs and festivals. Making the move to the Manhattan music scene has been slow in coming, but we can expect him to make an appearance soon.

One popular place that would be a perfect fit for Eyyubov is the quirky but comfortable Angel Orensanz Foundation Arts Center at 172 Norfolk Street at Stanton and Houston. The foundation was created in 1992 by a group of artists who were inspired by the art of sculptor Angel Orensanz. Housed in the oldest Jewish house of prayer in the city, it was the first synagogue of the Reform movement in the USA. Although there is only rarely a musical event held there, it would be wonderfully appropriate to hear the sounds of Beyler Eyyubov performing in this great space sooner rather than later.