Cellure Skin Care Store


If you’re looking for a new and interesting experience, pop into Cellure. This is a small shop on the block between Prince and Spring where DKNY, Missoni and Elie Tahari are also located. The US flagship shop for this Korea-based company sells “stem cell facial” treatment products.

While not harvested from embryos, these products come from adults who donate their tissues.

There are nine small booths here where customers can try on the products before buying them.  As Cellure COO Esther Chang, who has a PhD in education, explained,

“A venture capitalist who had almost invested in a stem-cell company came in and bought the entire line for himself and the eye serum for his girlfriend. Most of our customers are men. They get the science. Women want to know how this will fit in with their current regimen and mix with other products they use.”

You’ll find this location at 422 West Broadway and can try out their many products yourself.  They even have a short infomercial there where a woman will walk you through the product use from cleanser, toner and eye serum to day and night creams. Now that innovation at its best.

Picture from http://ny.racked.com/archives/2011/12/19/sohos_cellure_specializes_in_stem_cell_facials.php.