Harvey Finkelstein MD & Other Experts Provide Help for New Yorkers with Chronic Pain

chrnoic painChronic pain is a debilitating situation for anyone who has ever experienced it. But there is help for New Yorkers with chronic pain. Many New York doctors, such as Harvey Finkelstein MD, spend their entire day treating those with chronic pain. There are many medications and therapies that can help patients to feel better and to overcome some or all of their pain.

In addition, patients should feel empowered to work on their chronic pain issues at home and to make certain modifications in their lifestyle to accommodate their issues and to alleviate the worst of the pain. Here are some suggestions that just might help to turn down the volume on the pain, in tandem with the assistance of a medical professional like Harvey Finkelstein MD.

1. Pace Yourself: It is frustrating to have activities that you want to accomplish and to feel like you can’t do so. But you probably can. Pick one activity that you find difficult but not impossible and set a baseline amount of time that you can do this activity. Then, practice this activity every day, even on your bad days and build up the amount of time that you do it. Write down your times each day to see how you’re improving. This activity could be walking, gardening, cleaning or anything else you want to accomplish.

2. Set Goals: This is similar to pacing, but may include larger activities or dreams you have. It should include four rules: your goal needs to be realistic, something you can measure, something that comes from you (not others) and something that isn’t overly ambitious. Write down a list of all of the tasks you would have to do to accomplish the goal and try to work towards its completion.

3. Stay confident: Sometimes, people with chronic pain lose their confidence and assertiveness. Try to practice being assertive about your needs, but not whiny or domineering. Ask for help when you need it and be precise about your needs.

These three tips should help anyone with chronic pain to feel like they are taking some of the control back in their lives and setting goals for themselves. In combination with a treatment plan and medication, these ideas should help any chronic pain sufferer towards a path of better living.