Jayme Albin: Working with an Infant Daughter at Home During COVID-19

Clinical Psychologist Jayme Albin, PhD is a holistic therapist with a background in psychology, banking and finance. Today Jayme Albin offers her clients a holistic approach to complete wellness. Experience in all of these areas over the years has enabled her to offer support to clients in her Manhattan clinic dealing with the repercussions of the novel coronavirus.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many people have not been able to visit their therapists. But they are learning to see their practitioners online.  However, another issue has been that many parents have been forced to set up their work station at home, rather than their office.  This has ruined their routine and has undoubtedly led to additional psychological problems.  Plus, many have lost childcare options so are having to navigate their work tasks while playing “peekaboo” with their baby daughter or son!

In a recent article published by Thrive Global, Jayme Albin offered the following five point advice for dealing with the current situation. We asked her a few questions about the topics she covered:

1.    How important is stick to a schedule?

Jayme Albin: Sticking to a Schedule can be abolustly key to navigating a healthy and succesful lockdown with your infant

2.     How important is seting up your space?

Jayme Albin: Having a clearly defined space for you to do work is a crucial step to being productive at home.

3.     How important is it to fit in fitness?

Jayme Albin: Many of us have just been trying to survive during this period. However, without leaving our house, the lack of exercise can lead to feeling lathargic and harm productivity substantially. Make sure to fit in at least 30 minutes of physical work a day.

4.     How important is it to build in Breaks throughout your day?

Jayme Albin: Setting up scheduled breaks will allow you to seperate your work and home time, as well as give you scheduled time to give attention to your infant daughter or son.

5.     Should one be mindful of their daily meals?

Jayme Albin: This is another area where we often neglact structure and eat when we are hungry. Maintaining a strcutred day is crucial for both you and your infant. My infant daughter and I have quality time together over my scheduled meal breaks – at least 3 a day.

Over the years, Dr. Albin has been using CBT methods to help her clients with weight loss and maintenance, nutrition, anxiety and phobias.  Now more than ever, these are exactly the issues that New Yorkers are encountering as they learn to navigate their new – and very different – reality.