G-SHOCK Opens in Soho

gshockIf you live in the New York area, now is your time to get your hands on the G-SHOCK watch. They are opening their very first store in the United States – and it’s situated in none other than Soho, on West Broadway. Casio’s G-SHOCK storefront is a side to behold.

The store pays tribute to the 30 year history of Casio, showing a timeline of timepieces that have been released over those many decades. The space includes two levels where one floor will be devoted to the retail space and the second will be a showroom for current collaborations. The walls in the entire space include beautiful work by graphic artist Eric Haze.

Casino already has over 300 stores around the world. This flagship store in the US was a global initiative – and Soho is honored to house this cutting-edge shop. The store opened on November 28th with a small cocktail reception and is open to the public since then!

Chobani Yogurt Store Coming to SoHo

Swing by the corner of Prince and West Broadway when you get a chance to check out the new non-frozen-yogurt shop from Chobani. The idea behind this shop is to enjoy Greek yogurt with customized toppings.

They plan to fly in authentic Greek yogurt and to offer customers toppings like coconut, pineapple, Turkish pistachios, dark chocolate chunks and more. Each of the dishes will be served cold, but not frozen.

According to TheRealDeal.com, “The Wall Street Journal reported that Chobani has signed a lease to pay $375,000 per year for a 525-square-foot space at 150 Prince Street, where it plans a fast-food style yogurt bar with Mediterranean-inspired mix-ins…Soho boosters questioned whether the yogurt brand belongs among the upscale fashion brands that have proliferated in the neighborhood, the Journal said. But between the growth of frozen yogurt shops and Dannon’s recent opening of a store in the city, it appears fitting that the trend infiltrates one of the city’s trendiest shopping strips.”

It certainly sounds new…different…interesting. We’re not sure it will take off with the New York crowd, but it’s worth checking it out at least once!

Stella McCartney Opens SoHo Location

Fashion designer Stella McCartney has packed up her store in the Meatpacking District and set her sights on a new, elegant location. She is now open in SoHo, at her new 5,200 square foot, two-level store. Last Monday evening, she welcomed friends to her new location with a dinner party in the new space. Her Green Street location puts her in the neighborhood with Louis Vuitton, Taschen and Tiffany, among others.

As actress Naomi Watts remarked at the party, “I do know a bit about New York real estate. And I think this store’s a testament to how well she’s doing. In this economic state, people are paring down and she’s thriving.”

As McCartney explained the change, “The reality is our lease was up and we sort of questioned if we wanted to be down there or if we wanted to make a change, so we decided to come here. I’ve always loved SoHo. I love the Meatpacking, too, but I think it was the right time for us to move into this kind of position. Maybe a little more grown up and taking it to the next level really in terms of our neighbors.”

Picture comes from: http://ny.racked.com/archives/2012/01/11/stella_mccartney_says_soho_is_more_grown_up_than_meatpacking.php