Take a Stance in SoHo Today

While some people may not think socks are exciting, they definitely can be when you shop at the new Stance shop that opened last week on Broadway in SoHo. And even if you don’t think it’s cool – the NBA does. They recently picked it up as their official on-court basketball socks.

They have all sorts of specialty items including the Star Wars socks they have for the upcoming movie. They also have a men’s underwear collection with three different fits made from amazingly soft fabrics.

Even if you aren’t looking for socks, the store is very cool. It has an art wall that is for “Punks and Poets” and part of the floor is glass so that customers can peek into the Canvas Room where the socks are being made.

You can also create a customized pair of socks in the Stance Canvas Experience room. Here, you can decide on your own designs, colors and graphics and make your own socks for $28.