Rhone Pop-Up in SoHo

From October 15, 2015 through January 15, 2016 you can enjoy shopping at 929 Lafayette Street for Rhone, the men’s active wear and lifestyle brand. Their pop-up shop in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood will offer customers a great opportunity.

As Nate Checketts, co-founder and CEO of Rhone said, “We’re excited to launch our first Rhone retail experience. This is the perfect opportunity to interact with our customers and understand how we can best serve them and our community. We plan to take this knowledge and expand to other areas of the country to give as many people as possible a hands-on experience and access to the product.”

Rhone partnered with interior design and architecture firm Reform Creative. As Melissa McMillan, principal at Reform Creative said, “At Reform Creative, we love partnering with up-and-coming new brands to channel their energy and innovation into the built environment. We especially enjoyed working in collaboration with the Rhone team to create a space that is functional, fun and impromptu. The team brought their vision and deep knowledge of the brand to the project from day one, and it was a pleasure to design from that jumping-off point.”

Cat Fun in SoHo

If you’re obsessed with your cat and you live in SoHo, then you’re in luck. A new cat cafe is opening on Grand Street called Little Lions. It should open in the next two to three months and is actually the result of a crowd-sourcing campaigned launched by cat-loving alumni of the tech industry.

Erin McShane raised even more than the $65,000 that she was hoping for to open her tea house and “cat sanctuary.” Now, it’s not actually a place where you can bring your own cat. Rather, you can cuddle up to kittens from the organization called Angellicle Cat Rescue. She plans to have eight to twelve cats in the space at one time.

Don’t get too excited about being able to cuddle with the cats while you drink your coffee, however. The Health Department rules prohibit animals in the eatery so the cats will be in a storefront that is totally separate from the cafe. The cats will be visible from the cafe behind a glass wall and visitors can pay an admission fee to play with the cats.