Cookies and Milk Coming to SoHo

by dominiqueansel via Instagram
by dominiqueansel via Instagram

Now the question no one is answering is how the cookie will keep its form when filled with milk. Perhaps Dominique Ansel will be able to answer that, as he debuts his chocolate chip cookie “shot” glasses filled with organic milk. Starting this week on Friday at 3pm, the Spring St. bakery will start selling this novelty item.

The milk and cookie shots will be sold seven days a week and the cookies will be made fresh every afternoon. The cookies will be filled with Swede Farm milk infused with vanilla beans for 24 hours.

Each of the cookies will cost $3 and there will be a take-away eight-pack that will cost $25. There will be 200 milk and cookie shots this Friday and customers will be allowed to order two each.

You just have to drink the milk quickly before the cookie dissolves!