Pirch Arrives in SoHo

bathroom-1336165_960_720Whether you are renovating your home or just love looking at home redecorating showrooms, Pirch has arrived in SoHo. And what an arrival. With its opening on May 21, Pirch allows all of us to dream about home renovations and to drool away an afternoon. As you arrive, they offer you a free coffee and the chance to browse, browse, browse.

You can try out the appliances on display and you can use the iPad they offer with the geolocation that will guide you as you shop so that you can price out products. There are two test kitchens here with chef-led cooking classes on weekends! During the week, chefs will also be demonstrating delicious things that you can do with the appliances they have on sale.

There are dozens of shower heads and steam showers that you can test out. Wow.