Tiffany & Co. Coming to SoHo

If you love Tiffany & Co.’s little turquoise boxes (and you love what’s IN this boxes) then this news will excite you! Tiffany & Co. has recently announced that they plan to open a store in New York’s SoHo neighborhood next fall.

The shop will be situated right in the middle of the SoHo-Cast Iron Historic District and will open its 7000 square foot location in September 2012.  This new location will also help Tiffany & Co. to celebrate its 175th anniversary.  This site will be Tiffany’s third New York City location.  They actually started the store on Lower Broadway but then moved to Broadway at Prince St. in the 1850s.

Don’t tell Tiffany’s that there is a recession at the moment. Last month they reported that their second-quarter net income surged 30% across all regions.  And, they raised their full-year profit forecast based on these unexpectedly good results.  Recession? What recession says Tiffany! And now SoHo residents will be able to get into the act as well.