Utica Presents Local Artists’ Works Including Those with Cerebral Palsy

On display in downtown Utica, New York recently were the works of several artists from the Upstate Cerebral Palsy Artistic Realization Technologies Program. These artists’ works joined in with paintings from the Downtown Utica Development Association’s Project U Art in Windows. This special project showcases the work of local artist which is then displayed in the windows of shops in Utica’s downtown locale hoping to promote both the downtown area and the area’s artists.

More specifically, the Upstate Cerebral Palsy Artistic Realization Technologies Program supports artists who create their works using the latest in laser technology.

“There are so many ways that they’re benefiting from it,” said Melinda Karastury, studio assistant with the program. “They get to express themselves creatively. Also, there’s an evolution of process. They start with just exploring paint colors, then paint brushes and textures. Over time, they get to incorporate it all into their paintings.”

One couple from New Hartford, Dyte and Steven Giuffrida were also present at the gathering of the artists on the corner of Genesee and Devereux streets. Along with them was their daughter and artist Stephanie, who, according to her parents, has benefited greatly from this program.

“She absolutely loves it,” Dyte said. “She really feels like she can do something on her own. I think it’s very good for her self-esteem, which in turn, makes us very happy.”