Welsh Food Comes to SoHo

While we aren’t all hankering away for Welsh food, it’s certainly good to know a new Welsh restaurant has come on the scene. Illtyd Barrett has opened an awesome restaurant for truly authentic and delicious food. The Sunken Hundred is located at Cobble Hill at 276 Smith Street. The bar and restaurant is named for the sunken kingdom of Cantre’r Gwaelod. The restaurant is decorated with paintings by Fran Evans who went to high school with the Barretts. Illtyd has contributed some of the artwork as well.

The great finds here include lamb, leeks and seafood. There is also seaweed, particularly nori-like laver, which they boil and then make into a paste. Chef Coughlan will be serving all sorts of Welsh classics including lamb pastry with tomato chutney and ffagodau. They are also offering local beers, Spanish ciders and wines from the Loire Valley and northern Spain.