Black Friday Madness Hits SoHo

Black Friday has definitely gotten out of control – or perhaps is always has been.  On Friday, the Hollister clothing chain’s New York flagship store in SoHo didn’t seem to open fast enough for those waiting outside.  As a result, the crowd chose to crash through the doors, looting the place.

Some of the crowd has been waiting outside since midnight, thinking it opened at that out.  By 1:15 they had apparently had enough and they broke into the store and snatched up whatever they could find. The store had not actually been slated to open until 10 a.m.

As bystander Akeem Bridgeman explained, “There were a couple employees there [stocking shelves], and they were shouting at people, `Stop! You’re breaking and entering and breaking the law!’ But the people looting just ignored them.”

Unfortunately, this was only one of a number of crazy incidents that occurred around Black Friday.  People will, apparently, do anything these days for a deal.