Cutting Congestion in Manhattan?

Congestion in Manhattan has long been a huge problem.  But now, part of that may be eliminated, at least to a certain extent.

With two modifications being made in the New York City Charter, the Department of Transport is anticipating a spillover into Manhattan’s traffic issue.  A month from today, those commercial vehicles that double park for 20  minutes or more will be fined.  This will be in Chelsea, Midtown Manhattan and neighboring areas.

The way the law currently stands is that such vehicles are permitted to double park so long as they do not block the only lane.  Also, the Department of Transport has now mandated that the streets (First through Eighth Avenues between streets 14th through 60th)   that do not allow for deliveries between 7am to 7pm  will be expanded to 12th Avenue.

Lower Manhattan’s Cell Phone Service Big Boon for Business

Shimmie Horn
Shimmie Horn Enjoys Using Cell Phones, too.

When business leaders in New York need to connect with people, they can’t afford an unreliable service provider. Luckily today all over Manhattan there is access to some of the world’s most reliable and dependable cellular phone providers, making keeping up with business opportunities a simple, elegant endeavor.