One Day Primark Pop-Up Shop

If you love Primark, get ready! They are having a ONE DAY Pop-up shop at 138 Wooster Street on September 11th. Yes, the timing seems a bit weird and the length of time does as well, but that’s what we’ve got folks.

You can check out the latest women’s fall and winter selections with prices as low as $10. The shop will only be open from 10am to 1pm, but at least you can get in their and muscle your way into some cute clothes.

Come fast and enjoy!

Ice Cream with a Kick Coming Your Way

If you haven’t heard of Tipsy Scoop, you’re in for a treat. There is a new trend of having boozy ice cream, which means ice cream that has liquor as part of the ingredients. It’s taking New York by storm for catering events, after work treats, happy hour and more, and it’s quite brilliant as a marketing idea. Rather than going out for happy hour, for instance, a bunch of co-workers might check out Tipsy Scoop and enjoy that scoop of cake batter vodka martini.

Currently, at Arlo SoHo there is a glamping site set up in their backyard with one of their ice cream carts. Now the scoops have 5% alcohol per scoop so you might want to eat only a little bit, but it’s worth checking out after work one day!



WelleCo Comes to SoHo

Were you one of the lucky ones who caught a glimpse of Elle Macpherson recently? She was in SoHo getting ready for the international launch of her wellness business – and it’s starting right by us. She has paired up with Andrea Horwood to bring WelleCo to SoHo and around the US.

As Elle explained,

“Our customers were finding us. And 75 per cent of our US sales go into four cities – New York, LA, Miami and Houston. So we’re going where we’re seeing a need for direct contact with consumers.”

The SoHo store is supposed to open on September 21, and you just might get a glimpse of Elle if you’re around then.

A Bubbly and Fun Activity

Drink, Glass, Fruit, Food, Cup Containers, TeaHere’s a fun activity for hot and bored New Yorkers. Lab B is having a bubble tea-themed exhibit that will teach you about the trendy tapioca drink and then let you make your own. For $19, you’ll get a tour of the bubble tea laboratory, enjoy the bubble tea cup ball pit and then make your own tea. The event will take place from August 17-19 at 107 Grand Street in SoHo.

The exhibit is being done by a collective of Taiwanese artists, writers and designers. It should be a bubbly, fun experience!


Get to Know a Digital Marketing Company in the Neighborhood

If you haven’t heard of FuckJerry, then you might want to. Starting as an Instagram account with 13.7 million followers, they turned it into a full-service digital marketing company that now has 25 employees. As founder Elliot Tebele said, “People are always surprised when they hear FuckJerry has an office. They say, ‘I always thought FuckJerry was this kid in his basement.’”

They focus on social media content and strategy and they also have an adult party games brand called What Do You Meme? They also have a tequila brand called Jaja tequila.

Check out their gorgeous digs and get to know this neighbor!

Grab a Nap with The Dreamery

So this is an interesting way to waste your money. The mattress start-up Casper has just opened The Dreamery, a place where you can…well…take a nap.

You arrive to The Dreamery through a tunnel, check-in and then change into your pajamas before getting ready for your nap. Casper is calling this a wellness experiment. They plan to use the space to host community events and classes as well. As Neil Parikh, Casper co-founder and COO said, “We’re trying to figure out how to encourage this kind of behavior throughout society to get people to take a second and recharge.”

Your nap will cost $25 and can last up to 45 minutes. To enjoy your nap, come to 196 Mercer Street from Monday through Saturday from 11-8pm and on Sunday from 11-6.


Soludos Comes to NYC

So this looks like fun. If you’ve ever ordered from Soludos, then you know that their shoes are adorable and out-of-this-world comfortable. Now, you can actually check them out in person with the pop-up shop in Soho. The store is designed by interior designer Tara Bean and offers a great selection of their amazing footwear. Gotham magazine sat down with founder Nick Brown and Tara Bean to have a chat about their plans.

When asked why he opened up in New York City, Nick Brown explained:

“I started the brand out of my apartment in the West Village about eight years ago—a lot of people think Soludos is a European brand but it was born and raised in NYC. It’s such a dream to have our first shop right next to iconic neighborhood spots like Prince Street Pizza and Cafe Gitane. There’s an incredible blend of both locals and international visitors exploring SoHo regularly. The inspiration and people watching in SoHo is hard to match, with such a deep blend of creativity and fashion in the area. It’s a fun place for us to call home.”

When asked why they created their first brick and mortar store now, Nick explained,

“We’re really proud of how beautiful our product is, from the leather-soled sandals, sneakers and of course our espadrilles and really wanted to give our customers the opportunity to touch and feel the quality of the materials we’re using. It’s amazing to meet our customers to get their invaluable feedback as we continue to evolve.”

Come and touch. And enjoy. And buy!

Gitano NYC – Worth the Visit!

So this is an interesting thought for the summer. Gitano NYC is creating a pop-up restaurant for the summer in SoHo. But it’s not just any pop-up. Garrett Magee, the co-founder at Manscapers New York told PIX11 News that “We had to go down to Florida ourselves, scout out 400 Palm trees. We picked the trees out ourselves.”

They brought in 400 large and small palm trees to create a tropical feel for the restaurant. While Gitano hasn’t yet opened, it should be open soon. But when the weather gets cold again, they’ll be closing up and heading back down to Miami until the following summer.



In the Dog House with Dog Haus?

Last week, we wrote about the opening of Dog Haus in SoHo. If this review is anything to go on, it hasn’t been the best opening week. As Scott Lynch reported: “THE VERDICT: Sorry Dog Haus. New York City already has a wide assortment of first-rate franks, and though we will always welcome newcomers of all sorts, you need to do more than just pile a bunch of stuff on top to win our hearts.”

In terms of the ambiance, he wrote “On evening two and three of their summer-long stint, however, I was one of maybe three or five guests here. And while the crew has thoroughly branded the corner space with stickers and signage and cheeky attitude, there’s no escaping the fact that the actual, physical room has the bland character of a corporate cafeteria. The rickety metal outdoor tables on Lafayette, while less comfortable than the cushioned seating inside, offer a much more interesting view.”

Oh dear. See the entire review to get a feel for his feelings. And either check it out for yourself, or find another place for awesome hotdogs.