Haring’s Artwork Unveiled in SOHO

statue-of-liberty-385067_640If you haven’t checked out Keith Haring‘s largest piece of artwork ever created, you’ll certainly want to see this one. The banner that measures 90′ by 30’ feet (six stories) was painted in 1986 in conjunction with The CityKids Foundation. It’s called “CityKids Speak on Liberty” and it commemorates The Statue of Liberty on her 100th birthday. It was first debuted at the Liberty Tower in Battery Park City over the 4th of July in 1986 and has been exhibited in Milan, Paris and even as the backdrop of Paul McCartney’s pre-game show at Super Bowl XXXVI in New Orleans.

Now, it is being rolled out on the side of the new NOMO SOHO Hotel at 9 Crosby Street in New York.

It’s worth a stroll over there to admire the much-larger-than-life display!